Link your thoughts to days.

Unclutter your mind by writing everything down, each and every day.

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Note taking, but on steroids.

Leave sticky notes behind and start writing things down per day, as much as you want. linked can be your calendar with a twist, a diary or a place to dump your thoughts into.

The editor you need

Want to give your text emphasis? Make it bold, write it in italics, create headings, add lists or todos and much more.

Dark or light side?

Choose wether you want your linked in dark or light mode. Switch the theme at the top to preview it.

Keyboard shortcuts

Quickly need to navigate? Use your keyboard to jump days or weeks and get back to today anytime.

Offline first

No need for an internet connection (other than updates) - your data is stored locally.

We speak all languages

Well not just yet, but linked has been translated in 11 languages so far.

Minimal design

linked's minimal design helps you focus on the important stuff, find everything just where you need it.

Search it all

🚧: Use the full text search to find what was once written down, lightning fast.

Links between days

🚧: Want to reference a day in the future or past? Quickly jump between connected days.

Sync between the world

🚧: Sync between all of your devices to always have your notes with you.

You and your friends

🚧: Work together. Live. Collaborate on notes together with your team, friends or your dog.

Desktop, Mobile and web

🚧: Use linked on any device you own - maybe even your fridge who knows.

And much more...

🚧: linked is ever progressing, send us your feedback to make linked even better.

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